Trucking these days is not what it used to be a decade ago or more.  The industry has changed in many ways, and staying on-top of regulations is a full-time job, and that’s only to keep your business legal and compliant.  Now the actual trucking part is something too.  Most wner-operators use “registration” service providers to take care of their permits, fuel taxes, plates, registrations, etc however many drivers don’t realize that staying compliant in not exactly making money and as result many struggle with finding the right loads, negotiating good rates, getting setup with companies, and lastly and most importantly getting paid for their work.  We have seen this to be a big burden on many small carriers and especially one-man operations.  Reliable Auto Dispatch has been focusing on the car hauling sector of trucking for over five years.  The dispatch work of a car hauler is a handful.  To locate, negotiate and book great paying cars to haul is very time consuming and is not something drivers can do while driving.  Needless to say how reckless it is to be on a computer or a smartphone while operating an 80,000 truck.  Yet time and time again we find drivers trying to do this job from behind a steering wheel.

Reliable Auto Dispatch saw how time-consuming dispatching is for car haulers and auto carriers and saw a business opportunity for auto dispatching.  Our experience in this industry will greatly benefit carriers wanting to work with us.  We take away all the stress and hassle of self-dispatching by allowing driver focus on the road and taking care of pickups and deliveries and leaving the rest to us.

If you’re an auto carrier and need assistance with dispatching, then please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

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