3/4 Car Hauler Business

These past few months I had a lot of new and established companies asking to work with us.  The common trend that I noticed was that most of them are running 3/4 car trailers.  In the past I would take them on board, no questions asked.  Yet more and more I come to realize that many of them just don’t make it in the business.  There are some obvious reasons and some not so much.  Too much folks think they can simply attach a trailer to their pickup and start making money without doing the MATH first.  And this leads me to my biggest point: KNOW YOUR NUMBERS.

What I mean by that is owner-operators need to know how much it costs them to run in terms of $/mile; Fuel (MPG), insurance, equipment payments, emergency fund, etc.  It’s very important to know the breaking even point and when you actually become profitable.  Without getting this down first is like shooting darts blind-folded and hoping you hit the target.  The chances of that happening are the same of your success.  Once you have the numbers right, you can proceed to build a business that has a lot of opportunities for growth.

3/4 Car Wedge Trailers

My recommendation when buying these 3/4 car wedge trailers is to make sure the trailer is a TRUE 4-car trailer.  Many manufacturers sell these wedge trailer as 4-car trailer, yet in reality either the Gross Weight won’t allow for an AVERAGE 4-car load or the length of the trailer.  This is way too common.  What usually happens is drivers look for something like 4 Mini Coopers or have to go with 3 cars only.  Losing one car on a 4-car trailer is losing a 1/4 of your revenue.  That’s huge.

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